Gelato shouldn't be a guilty pleasure

Gelato should be a healthy treat for everyone.

With that in mind, we dedicate ourselves into making it our craft statement, leaving no space for anything that might compromise the quality and genuineness of the ingredients." There are never any artificial flavorings, hydrogenated fats, preservatives or food colorings used in the lab. Using only seasonal ingredients from local sources, every visit to the store invites you to have a new culinary adventure.


Head Chef Lollino

A native of Milan, Italy, Lorenzo Franchetti has always found his greatest happiness in the kitchen. At a young age, he would watch his mother and nonna cook delicious meals for his family with equal parts tradition and creativity. The care and love he saw go into the preparation of those dishes stay with him to this day, and it has molded Lorenzo into the culinary artist he is today.

His dream to bring his passion for gelato to the place he had longed to revisit since boyhood soon became a reality. After multiple trips between New York and Milan, and an exhaustive search for the perfect store, and an even longer period for renovations, Lollino NYC became a reality in January 2019.

Gelato is highly addictive. Fortunately it's legal!

Lorenzo Franchetti - Gelatiere - Lollino NYC

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